raw vs jpeg

the main difference between raw and jpeg is file size raw files are significantly bigger than jpeg files.

raw files are bigger than jpegs.

you can convert a raw file to a jpeg just open it in an editing software.

I would shoot jpeg so I can view preview s to make sure i shooting what I’m supposed to how I’m supposed to


career tree

I’m interested in the job digital composing technician.

a digital composing technician is for responsible for producing design presentations and digital models through sketches, electronic visualizations,

they make about 24,00 yearly.

the title makes it seem like an interesting job

its an entry level carrer (program completion)

camera modes

automatic mode, when a camera is in automatic mode it will decide what shutter speed and aperture to use depending on your setting /scene.

portrait mode, when a camera is set to portrait mode it will automatically set a larger aperture. this will help keep your subject as the main focus of the photo.

macro mode, macro mode is very helpful when it comes to shooting things like bugs and flowers. it’s better to not use flash in this mode.

landscape mode, this mode sets a small aperture to get as much scenery as it can. it’s ideal for shooting at a distance.

sports mode or action mode is better for shooting moving things. most sports photographers use it when photographing athletes’ mid game.

night mode, night mode is better for low lighting scenarios. it sets a longer shutter speed to let n as much light as possible.

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